4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used DEXA Machine

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used DEXA Machine

Opting for a used DEXA machine to begin providing body composition services in your practice can seem like an attractive idea. From the car in your driveway to the milling machine in the manufacturing shop down the road, the market for previously owned equipment can sometimes yield terrific results.

Don’t flip the proverbial switch on that decision just yet. Invest a little time into making sure you have the answers to the following questions related to buying a used DEXA machine. Afterward, you should be ready to go.

1. What refurbishment process has the used DEXA machine undergone?
It likely comes as no surprise to learn that different companies define “refurbished” differently. That’s fine, provided the result is a DEXA machine that has undergone a thorough refurbishment process. That may include:

  • Cosmetic repairs or enhancements
  • Replacing or refurbishing the x-ray tube
  • Matching performance to OEM specifications

It’s also worth determining whether the seller handled the refurbishing on-site or if they had to contract with a third party to do it.

2. Is the used DEXA machine on hand? If so, what is the serial number?
You’re being careful about your budget. That’s one of the main reasons — it might be the only reason — you’re in the market for a used DEXA machine. That means you can’t afford any unforeseen delays.

Before you agree to anything or put down a deposit, confirm that dealer with whom you’re working has the used DEXA machine on hand. You want to avoid a situation where a dealer looks to acquire funding before securing a used DEXA machine. As former President Ronald Reagan suggested, “Trust but verify.”

3. Is a deposit required? If so, what is the size of that deposit?
Placing a deposit down on anything is almost always a little bit of a stomach-clenching situation. When it comes to used DEXA equipment, think twice before committing yourself by handing over a large deposit. That large deposit puts a great deal of risk where you don’t want it: on your shoulders.

Having a serial number and seeing the machine up close in person will assuage many concerns. And if neither are forthcoming? Then your deposit shouldn’t be, either. Too much is riding on your new (albeit used) DEXA machine to see the effort complicated by any issues related to deposits and machines that may or may not be on hand.

4. What kind of support is available post-purchase?
A manufacturer’s warranty might not cover your used DEXA machine. That being the case, what sort of service can the seller offer you should something go wrong? How long does it take them to respond to a request? Do they warehouse any parts themselves or must they order everything? Additionally, can the seller provide the contact info for up to three references?

Those references won’t do much on their own. You’ll have to contact them. Ask about:

  • Their service experience
  • How the seller handled problems
  • How long it took to get the DEXA serviced

Bonus Question

Here’s a question for you: are you sure a new DEXA machine is out of reach? A new DEXA is often more affordable than people realize. The right partner can help you devise several different plans to bring a new DEXA into your practice.

If you’ve crunched the numbers and they keep pointing toward “used,” then that’s the direction toward which you should head. There are many reliable used DEXA machines out there — we wouldn’t sell them at Complete Medical Services if that weren’t the case — and all you need to do to find one is ask four questions and make sure you have the right support team standing at the ready.

Complete Medical Services and Used DEXA Machines

Used or new, we’re big fans of DEXA’s life-changing body composition capabilities. That’s why we’re committed to doing everything in our power to ensure you get the machine you need when you need it, at the right price and with the best possible support. Contact us today for the answers to the questions above as well as any others you might have!

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