5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Used C-Arm

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Used C-Arm


Mattresses. Cribs. Shoes. These and many other items recur on lists of things you should never buy used.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider adding C-Arms to the list.

1) Technology’s exponential rate of growth in power and capability. It’s a growth rate that gives you two options: keep pace or fall behind. In the C-Arm field, some equipment that sells for new still utilizes a core that’s more than two decades old. (Some, unbelievably, still use CRT displays.) Again: that’s how some manufacturers define “new.” Used equipment? You’d need a DeLorean and flux capacitor to get the thing serviced.

2) Your “image bank” limits. Since we’re on the subject of technology, let’s talk about the C-Arm system image intensifier. It’s a key component, but one that wears down over time. You’ll get tens of thousands of images from it, but as you take shots, you take money out of the bank of images that image intensifier will be able to produce during its functional life. A used system means an image intensifier that’s already had withdrawals made and is closer to requiring significant work.

3) The importance of a viable warranty. “Viable” is the key word here. You be hard-pressed to find a C-Arm provider that didn’t offer any warranty at all. It’s far more difficult, however, to find a good warranty. A one-year warranty isn’t enough, considering both the complexity of these systems and your practice’s reliance upon them for treatments (and revenue). A prorated warranty is like milk in your refrigerator: it starts to go bad almost immediately.

4) The cost of a self-warranty. Some people self-insure in place of a formal homeowners policy. That means they’re on the hook for any required repairs if, for example, a falling tree rips apart a quarter of this roof. Along these same lines, other people self-warranty large purchases. Sometimes, they have no choice — warranties, even if they’re even available — eventually expire. Trying to self-warranty a C-Arm, though, can cost you big. Really big. Over a five-year time span, work performed on a C-Arm can eclipse $75,000.

5) The surety of “new.” A variety of procedures require C-Arms, including such vital ones as pain management and vascular health. Make no mistake: there are instances where used equipment is fine. But C-Arms’ position on the health care front line calls out for the latest features available.

Play It Safe
Your C-Arm is too crucial to your clinic to take a chance on a used model. If it’s a thrill you’re after, book a flight to Las Vegas. Rolling the dice on a used C-Arm will likely end up offering you nothing more than snake eyes … and hefty service bills.

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