5 Tips When Buying a Refurbished C-Arm

5 Tips When Buying a Refurbished C-Arm


If you’re buying a refurbished C-Arm, new car, or even a lawnmower, understanding various sales terms is a crucial part of the process.

At Complete Medical Services, we sell new and refurbished C-Arms. Often, we recognize refurbished C-Arms to offer terrific value based on your needs.

But perhaps you’re undecided on whether to go with new, refurbished, used — or something else. To help you sort out the varying types of units you come across in your search, we present the following five tips.

1. Know What You’re Getting
“Like New” isn’t “New.” As the word suggests, a new C-Arm machine has never been used in a professional setting. Your guess is as good as ours what “Like New” means, and that’s because the C-Arm industry doesn’t have strictly enforced requirements when it comes to the term. “Like New” may mean nothing more than repairs to exterior blemishes and a fresh coat of paint. (Yes, we’ve seen such “Like New” models first-hand.)

2. Understand That New is More Than Shiny
Everyone likes new things because they have that new item shine to them. But the key benefit of a new C-Arm isn’t that shine; it’s the accompanying manufacturer support that comes with it. A new C-Arm will carry with it less ambiguous warranty support terms than conditions such as “Used” and “Like New.”

3. When Used Means W-A-R-N-I-N-G
Sometimes, people get lucky. The entire Las Vegas economy is predicated on this fact. There are used C-Arm units out there right now that are in good shape, relatively speaking, and will last a long time for the practice that purchases them. Those people are the lucky ones. Everyone else has to bet their revenue and patient service on a critical tool they acquired “As-Is” or with a 30-days warranty only. So: Feeling lucky?

4. How A C-Arm is Like a Car
A retouched C-Arm has received minor updates or repair along in addition to some surface retouching with paint. Not often touched during a retouching process? The machine’s core components. The retouching process is equivalent to someone conducting basic maintenance on a car — like replacing and inspecting car’s belts, oil, and air filters — but not looking carefully at its engine or transmission before selling it.

5. Why Pros Like Refurbished C-Arms
Refurbishing a C-Arm requires a thorough inspection — inside and out, top to bottom. If this sounds to you like it requires a significant amount of work, you’d be right. This process includes the inspection mentioned above of all core components, conducting recalibration and replacements as needed.

The C-Arm Market Should Serve You

It would be much easier if C-Arms came with labels such as “This Is the One for You” in addition to “New,” “Refurbished,” etc. Hopefully, these tips will help you identify the C-Arm that really IS for you. If you’d like additional support from subject-matter experts with decades of experience under their belts, contact us today. Complete Medical Services is here for you.

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