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Complete Medical Services is The Leader in Refurbished C-Arm and Bone Density Equipment

Who we are


ince first opening our doors in 1996, Complete Medical Services has served a broad cross-section of the medical community with consultative, equipment, and logistics support.

Driving the expansion of our portfolio of services over the years: the growing healthcare demands placed on local physicians — often in the face of diminishing financial returns.

As changing demographics and fluctuating economic conditions applied ever-increasing pressure on local practices, Complete Medical Services strengthened or expanded its service portfolio with:

  • Diversified billing structures designed to return focus to patients and alleviate stress from physicians.
  • Revenue-generating business plans organically developed by advancements in fields such as dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) and regenerative medicine.
  • Genoray’s Zen-7000 and Oscar-15 C-Arm, essential imaging equipment with the market’s best warranty.
  • Training and marketing options to help ensure staff associates can contribute meaningfully to medical practices’ bottom lines.

From our newly-expanded state-of-the-art facility in Romeo, Michigan (45 minutes from Metro Airport), we can help your local medical practice flourish amid today’s continually evolving healthcare landscape.

Complete Medical Services - Providing Quality Imaging Equipment

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