ACL Stem Cell Repair? You might need C-Arm

ACL Stem Cell Repair? You might need C-Arm

At the seminar I attended early 2018 on Regenerative Stem Cell therapy, many speakers mentioned that regenerative procedures on extremities (such as ACL Stem Cell Repair) can be preformed using a high quality ultrasound.  C-Arm guy in me however wondered if that is 100% true?

It turns out, that may not been entirely accurate.  According to article by Dr. Centeno, ACL Stem Cell repair require fluoroscopy in order to do it ‘right’.

Read Original Article by Dr. Chris Centeno, M.D.

For the longest time, I thought most orthopedic offices do not need a C-Arm unless they’re doing spine related work.  But according to Dr. Centeno’s findings, to perform complete, successful ACL procedure, it took him 25 different needle positions using flouroscopy.  Ultrasound can guide you to the general area, it seems very unlikely that Ultrasound can give you fine positioning required to really cover entire all areas of ACL to maximize effect.  Video below shows why:

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Did this change your mind at all?  Do you still believe Ultrasound can provide imaging required to cover ACL as completely as Dr. Centeno was able to accomplish using flouroscopy?  Let us know your thoughts below!

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