Can I Afford Pain Procedures in Office? (or Not to?)

Can I Afford Pain Procedures in Office? (or Not to?)

Having in-office procedure is better for everyone.  It provides convenient, complete care for patients & it’s better for you because you’ll have much better control over your schedule & availability as needed.  (not to mention convenience!)  One of the big questions pain offices often ask themselves is when is right time to start thinking of in-office procedure room?  Many pain specialist doctors use ASC/Hospital to do their procedures, typically once a week or so.  And this is a smart way to start in the beginning.  But just like anything else, eventually it’ll become logical for you to setup procedure room in your own office.

So, when can I afford pain procedures in office?

Afford Pain Procedures in OfficeIn my personal opinion, short answer to this question is ’10’, if you are already doing at least 10 procedures a month, it’s time for you to think about having procedures in your office.  There are a few things you’d need to prepare in order to do procedures in office including some paperwork & having the space itself.  Biggest cost will come from having necessary equipment in your office.  And in most cases, this refers to a fluoroscopic X-ray machine (C-Arm) and C-Arm table.  There are many other misc. equipment as well but for now, we’ll focus on the two big ticket item.

All disposable supplies, tools and X-ray tech do not count into this math since we assume all those are included in the fee (or payment share) you’re paying to ASC/Hospital.  While you’ll have to consult with your billing company to get exact figure, typically doing 10 epidural procedures a month (which often include more than one injection points), can yield enough to be able to afford pain procedures in office.

Typically, if you’re doing average of 10 cases per month, your reimbursement should be enough to cover all the costs including major equipment costs!

The other thing you have to consider is that, in most cases, you’ll get more payment for doing procedures in the private office rather than at ASC/Hospital.

Equipment Costs:

Your main expense / cost to do in-office procedure will be on C-Arm & Table.  Typically we would recommend popular package with either Like-New OEC 9800 or Brand NEW ZEN-7000 C-Arm with Brand New diving board 3 move table.  And lowest monthly payments on these packages can vary between $1,200 ~ $1,400 using 84 month lease term.



While these equipment can seem pricey just looking at price tag, if you really look into what it takes for you to afford it, it becomes much more affordable.  There are also cheaper options as well but that increases age & risk of breakdown real fast which is not something I generally recommend.  But that’s topic for another time.

So, the question of whether or not I can Afford Pain Procedures in Office turns into…

‘Can I Afford Not to do Pain Procedures in Office?’


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Please note that this article is based on personal experience and knowledge in the field.  I’m not medical billing professional and numbers I used on this article may not represent accurate numbers for your specific region & procedures.  Use this only as a casual example it is.

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