Enhancing Ultrasound Images with Single Crystal Technology

Enhancing Ultrasound Images with Single Crystal Technology

Single crystal technology for transducers was always limited to the delicate nature and very high cost of the material.

A single crystal transducer is characterized by a higher energy conversion efficiency and higher sensitivity than conventional piezo-ceramic materials; consequently, single crystal transducers can produce greater uniformity and stronger penetration.

There are only a few companies in the industry today that have been able to develop a process to overcome the previous barriers to a high-quality, functional transducer using single crystal technology.

Ultrasound companies the world over have worked laboriously to develop their very own single crystal transducers. The material used to develop these transducers produces broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity, permitting its use in harmonic imaging with minimal loss of the acoustic signal.

The end result, for the user, is a more uniform wide-bandwidth imaging with higher resolution images.

Why Choose Single Layer Technology

If the goal is better imaging, then selecting an ultrasound which has the single crystal technology available is a must. Harmonic imaging with minimal loss of acoustic signal, and higher sensitivity allowing for an enhanced ultrasound imaging experience.

Alpinion is one company that has excelled in producing a proprietary solution for their own single crystal technology. Through their unique and innovative single crystal transducer processing technology, Alpinion has produced the largest single crystal convex transducer ever fabricated and the world’s first 3D/4D transducer made with single crystal material.

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