Fracture Prevention Solutions

Patient care and managing the body’s bones and joints related to various injuries or diseases is a continuous challenge. Complete Medical Services provides a wide range of equipment to help you — develop your initial assessment and diagnosis, and determine the optimum personalized treatment for each of your patients.


Bone strength decreases as we age. Osteoporosis often develops in women after menopause and in men in older age. This bone-thinning disorder brings greater risk for broken bones, particularly fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine. Hip fractures can limit mobility and independence. Most people who previously lived independently before hip fracture require assistance afterward. A patient with both Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia has an even higher risk of falling and fracture. The Lunar Prodigy offers a simple noninvasive test for the best diagnosis and profitable solution.

Sarcopenia and Body Composition

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass, strength and function related to aging — indicated by a % of muscle loss over a period of time. Body Composition is an important measure of the % of muscle, bone, water and fat in human bodies. Monitoring can help the physician make treatment recommendations, and help the patient understand their own condition to help prevent instances of falling and fracture. DXA or ‘DEXA’ scan systems provide the highest ‘gold’ standard for routine Body Composition analysis that can monitor the rate of Sarcopenia and the direct impact on bone loss.

Fall Prevention

The American Geriatric Society and Medicare together state that 85% of senior falls occur as a result of some type of vestibular, inner ear balance, issue. As a result, doctors are being encouraged to screen all seniors for vestibular disorders. The VAT Balance Test offers a simple noninvasive test for the best diagnosis and profitable solution.

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