C-Arm Comparison: Genoray Oscar 15 vs. Ziehm Vision R

C-Arm Comparison: Genoray Oscar 15 vs. Ziehm Vision R

The Oscar 15 in the latest model from Genoray, joining its well-known cousin the ZEN-7000. The manufacturer adopted a “go big or go home” philosophy with image quality, delivering a model that matches or surpasses many of its contemporaries.

For its part, Ziehm touts the Vision R’s 20 kW power, highlighting the machine’s ability to produce high-quality images with minimal dose exposure. To help manage the heat generated from that power, and to help with extended use during procedures, the Ziehm Vision R includes a unique liquid cooling system.

Power and cooling matter more than some may think. Research from GE for its line of C-Arms revealed that a flat-panel detector alone doesn’t guarantee better images on mobile machines. It requires a significant power boost and increased colling capability.

Quantifying a Warranty

Genoray’s 5 years parts and 1-year labor warranty for the Oscar 15 (as well as the ZEN 7000) sets it apart from the field; at the time of this writing, no other manufacturer comes close.

But while Ziehm’s 2-year warranty can’t match Genoray’s, it is better than other C-Arms on the market.

It’s easy to suggest a longer warranty offers peace of mind. But what does that really mean? Consider this:

  • Warranties backed by reputable companies ensure rapid response times to any issues that arise, which helps minimize costly downtime when patients and procedures must be rescheduled.
  • Little annoyances you might otherwise live with in order to avoid a repair bill down the road are addressed immediately.
  • Speaking of repair bills: warranties remove the mystery of the cost associated with any repairs.


Genoray’s Oscar 15 and the Ziehm Vision R share several similar or identical features, including:

  • Touchscreen display monitors
  • Reverse positioning for the C-Arm
  • Dose reduction via pulsed fluoroscopy and a low-dose mode


Genoray’s Oscar 15 and the Ziehm Vision R differ in several ways, as well. The Oscar 15 offers an image capacity of 5 million, while the Vision R comes in at a maximum of 100,000. And the power rating for the X-ray tube anode is 15 kW for the Oscar 15 and 7.5 kW for the Vision R.

Getting Your Arms Around C-Arms

There are many considerations to make when selecting a C-Arm. That holds true whether your goal is to add a new C-Arm to your practice or replace an older C-Arm model.

Complete Medical Services offers an overview of today’s leading C-Arms, together with periodic head-to-head matchups like this one, to make your decision a little easier.

If you want even more support on this big C-Arm decision, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you introduce a great C-Arm to your practice.

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