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Lifetime and Remote Support


“Lifetime Support and Remote Support”

ZEN C-Arm Systems (ZEN-2090P & ZEN-7000)

Lifetime and remote support is something unique to ZEN systems.  Some manufactures will charge you to talk and or diagnose a problem with your system when your warranty expires.  But with ZEN systems, Genoray provides remote diagnostic and over the phone support for any of your needs whether you have warranty contract or not.

Other companies will charge a customer just to look up a part number or anything else if the customer doesn’t know it.  But with Genoray and ZEN C-Arms, it’s different.  We can help locate the issue without charging customer or get them on to service contract.  This helps save time and money for our customers and lets them get back to what matters the most to them.

If the problem is software related, in many cases, we can even resolve it via remote control.  And if there is a part that’s defective, we will help you locate or narrow it down for you via phone support.  With every system, lifetime over the phone support is included as standard feature.

Offering Lifetime Support & Remote Control is simply Genoray’s way of
saying to customers: ‘We got your back!’

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