New fracture risk assessment software available for DXA

New fracture risk assessment software available for DXA

New fracture risk assessment software available for DXA


There is a new bone texture parameter called TBS (Trabecular Bone Score), available now to add to your DXA bone density system with the software TBS iNsight™.

As you know, osteoporosis diagnosis and management remain a challenge! That’s why bone densitometry has evolved significantly over the past few years.

The bone texture parameter called TBS (Trabecular Bone Score), available on bone densitometers with the software TBS iNsight™, is now widely renowned as a fracture risk indicator independent from bone mineral density (BMD) and FRAX™.

International scientific societies such as the IOF and the ISCD agree on integrating TBS in their 2015 recommendations as an independent fracture risk factor for diagnosis and care of osteoporosis.


A big milestone for TBS:  the FRAX™ team from Sheffield University, UK, has developed a new adjustment model for FRAX accounting for TBS value.

“FRAX adjusted for TBS” became available April 15th on the FRAX Calculation Tool ( www.shef.ac.uk/FRAX) and allows:

  • Easy integration of TBS in your daily clinical practice
  • Better prediction of fracture risk based on FRAX
  • Refinement of individual fracture risk assessment
  • Reclassification of patients’ eligibility for treatment near intervention threshold

The clinical impact of “FRAX adjusted for TBS” is as follows:

  • Potential change for patients from one side of the intervention threshold to another;
  • High impact of TBS for patients whose fracture risks calculated by FRAX are located near the intervention threshold (in treatment zone and in non-treatment zone);
  • High impact of TBS in young patients;
  • Significant impact of TBS in the assessment of major osteoporotic fracture risk.
  • “FRAX adjusted for TBS” will be fully integrated with the software TBS iNsight™ V. 3.0.


TBS software is now available for purchase and can be added to your DXA system.  It can also be packaged with a software or system upgrade.

You can check out the attached PDF page for more detail.  We have a variety of interesting clinical papers that can be shared as well.

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