All New Generation 3 ZEN-7000

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All New Generation 3 ZEN-7000


Genoray’s ZEN-7000 has history of offering cutting edge technology to C-Arm which most other manufacturers are hesitant to do.  They long offered a user-friendly windows based archive system with integrated digital output & network capabilities so you can use your office printer to print images.  When Genoray released their 3rd generation system, we expected nothing less of more advanced technology, and they delivered it!

3rd generation ZEN-7000 (2017 model) is COMPLETELY re-designed, upgraded system.  Don’t let the same look from outside fool you since all the re-design & upgrades are done under the hood.

What’s New?

This new upgraded version is now available and offers faster & better image quality than ever as well as enhanced image processing & DSA.  Generation 3 system still uses windows but a customer version built for ZEN-7000.  This means the operating system was built specifically to meet the demand and need of ZEN-7000 to provide more efficient & stable service.

All ZEN-7000 3rd generation system will include:

  • SSD HDD = Faster & more stable system performance! (30 second start-up)
  • 2TB ‘Life-Time’ Archive = Designed to save as many images as you’d like for the life of the unit.
  • 2 year parts warranty = Genoray is so confident in their new generation system, they extended their parts warranty coverage, adding even more value to this system!
  • Washable keyboard & mouse = We always felt like something was missing from this system, this was it.
  • Full Remote Diagnostic = Having an issue? No need to wait for technician to arrive, simply connect ZEN-7000 to internet, and we’ll do the rest!

Generation 3 system is a true game changer & it adds even more value to ZEN-7000!  Find out how this can enhance your procedures & increase patient care in your practice.  Contact us to learn more & reserve one of the most advanced system on the market today!

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