Meet the Oscar 15 C-Arm from Genoray

Meet the Oscar 15 C-Arm from Genoray

Oscar 15, the latest C-Arm from Genoray, continues the company’s impressive streak of powerful machines that boast an ever-increasing amount of utility.

Here’s what you need to know about the machine that might be your next C-Arm.

A Powerful Vision
Genoray promises to make the invisible visible. The Oscar 15 delivers on that promise using a 260 x 260 mm full flat-panel detector for distortion-free imaging. This means you can expect:

High-resolution (2.5K x 2.5K) images with excellent uniformity
A wide field of view in a housing smaller and thinner than image intensifier models
Low noise, with no geometric distortion, veiling glare, or vignetting

Iteration Matters
The Oscar 15’s advancement in imagery borders on the revolutionary. But the machine makes several iterative steps worth noting, as well:

A Broader Range
The Oscar 15 boasts a broader orbital rotation: 150°, compared to the ZEN-7000’s 135° — giving you 60 degrees of overcast orbit rotation.

A Better View
The Oscar 15’s CMOS detector features the latest HD technology, capable of producing greater clarity and definition than ever before.

Peace of Mind
Whether the subject is a new laptop, the latest smartphone, or some other technological device, it’s easy to get lost in a list of features.

At first glance, the features of the Oscar 15 may elicit a similar response. It’s critical, though, to consider what many of those features mean.

For example, here are just some of the Oscar 15’s features:

  • 10.24”/ 2.5K x 2.5K CMOS flat detector
  • 60” overcast rotation
  • Oversized C/larger depth of arc
  • 15 kw/120 kvp powerful rotating anode x-ray tube
  • 10.5” swivel color touch screen tech monitor
  • 43” oversized swivel flat screen monitor with split screen capability
  • Lifetime storage = 5 million images
  • Lifetime phone/remote support
  • Lifetime software updates
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

Every feature in that list provides real and immediate benefits to physicians and their patients. For example, the hardware enhancements ensure the machine’s usability for years to come.

Other features, though, go even further. They alleviate time-consuming issues that could prevent practices from providing essential services or, at the very least, might interfere with day-to-day operations.

Let’s take a close look at those features:

  • Lifetime storage (5 million images): Alleviates the need to remove images, juggle backup devices, and other chores that don’t immediately benefit patients.
  • Lifetime phone/remote support (diagnostics and troubleshooting): Ensures immediate support whether dictated by a system warning or operating malfunction. In terms of protecting uptime and access, no other feature matters more. And this is for the life of the machine.
  • Lifetime software updates: In a world where some of the software we use seems designed for obsolescence within just a few years, lifetime software updates ensure a cornerstone tool for your practice delivers peak performance for many years.

Couple it with the industry’s best warranty — five years — and Genoray’s Oscar 15 is much more than the sum of its parts. It’s the sum of the company’s tireless efforts to deliver ever-greater tools for the care of patients.

And The Oscar Goes To …

The Oscar 15 joins a Genoray lineup already renowned for its power and reliability and increases both. Its game-changing image quality alone mandates a move onto lists of prospective C-Arm selections whatever a practice’s focus: medical procedures and examinations, pain management, or regenerative medicine.

To learn more about the Oscar 15, ZEN-7000, or any other C-Arm, we’ve got you covered. The dedicated team of C-Arm experts at Complete Medical Services is ready to field your questions today.

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