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A physician should be able to focus on providing the best treatments and procedures with certainty and confidence that their imaging equipment will function to OEM specifications. This is the case whether a doctor is buying new or pre-owned refurbished.

Buying Pre-Owned C-Arm

When buying C-arm imaging equipment, especially pre-owned C-arm imaging equipment, it is very important to know the company you are buying from.

First and foremost you want to select a reputable company that has a great team, a great reputation (with references) and can provide outstanding service support for the long-term reliability of your C-arm equipment. Providing such long term service means that the technical team is properly trained and has the right tools to work on the equipment.

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Refurbishment & Reliability

Reliability starts the moment the C-arm equipment reaches the warehouse, even before it is staged for being refurbished.

C-arms need to go through a detailed decontamination process which consists of cleaning the outside of the system, but also making sure that any previous physician data that may have been on the hard-drive is wiped clean. The refurbishment process should have a detailed step-by-step process that is documented, tracked and which can be provided showing what work was done, and which parts may have been replaced.

Our Complete Medical Services technical team take pride in every refurbished C-arm that is worked on from receipt at our facility - through delivery and training of the physicians team.

Pre-Owned C-arms Available: OEC 9800, OEC 9900

Pre-Owned OEC 9800

OEC 9800 C-Arm offers options of GSP, ESP, Vascular, Cardiac & NeuroVascular. The standard image intensifier is 9” with a 12” option available. The OEC 9800 also is available as a Super C which offers a wider depth of arc to accommodate larger patients.

  • Dual Hi-Resolution 16” Square Monitors (Comparable to regular 19” Monitors)
  • LIH – Last Image Hold
  • Rotating X-ray Tube
  • Image Storage
  • MARS-Motion Artifact Reduction System
  • Sharpen Function
  • Tri-Mode 9″/6″/4 Image Intensifier (I.I.)
  • Gamma Correction
  • High Resolution CCD
  • Averaging
  • Fluoro Boost, Pulsed Fluoro
  • Digital Windowing
  • GSP – General Surgical Package
  • Patient Annotation
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Pre-Owned OEC 9900

  • Precision imaging Dynamic Range Management (DRM) for uncompromised image quality.
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Proprietary “no mask” or Motion Tolerant Subtraction (MTS) technique produces vascular images not previously possible on a mobile platform.
    Capable to perform a complete extremity run-off with a single injection and single run.
  • Unique X-ray tube and cooling system that allows for full resolution imaging for longer periods of time.
  • HD flat panel monitors on an articulating arm allow comfortable viewing of precise images.
  • Remote service connectivity to enable system performance diagnostics.
  • 1k x 1k high resolution imaging technology on a mobile system.
GE OEC 9900 Elite Key Features:
  • Reach with 25° of overscan and 90° underscan
  • Additional range of motion and positioning flexibility with L-arm
  • Standard working space of 26” (9” I.I.) and 28” (12” I.I.)
  • 39.4” Source-image distance (SID)

GE OEC 9900 Elite ‘Super C’
Key Features:

  • Reach with 55° of overscan and 90° underscan
  • Greater working space with 33” arc depth
  • True lateral views with ease
  • Easy rollover views
  • 9” I.I. optional for non-motorized configurations
  • Motorized option with remote user interface for 9” or 12” I.I.
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