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A physician should be able to focus on providing the best treatments and procedures with certainty and confidence working with their patients. They should be able to rely on that their imaging equipment will function to OEM specifications. This is the case whether a doctor is buying new or pre-owned refurbished.

When Buying Pre-Owned DEXA

When buying DEXA (Bone Density) imaging equipment, especially pre-owned DEXA imaging equipment, it is very important to know the company you are buying from.

First and foremost you want to select a reputable company that has a great team, a great reputation (with references) and can provide outstanding service support for the long-term reliability of your DEXA equipment. Providing such long term service means that the technical team is properly trained and has the right tools to work on the equipment.

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Refurbishment & Reliability

Reliability starts the moment the DEXA equipment reaches the warehouse, even before it is staged for being refurbished.

The refurbishment process should have a detailed step-by-step process that is documented, tracked and which can be provided – showing what work was done, and which parts may have been replaced.

Our Complete Medical Services technical team take pride in every refurbished DEXA that is worked on - from receipt at our facility - through delivery and training of the physicians team.

Pre-Owned DEXA Available: GE Lunar Prodigy DEXA (Bone Density)

GE Lunar Prodigy DEXA
(Bone Density)

Available in Full-Size (8 foot table) & Compact (6 foot table)

  • AP Spine
  • Dual Femur
  • LVA
  • FRAX
  • Total Body
  • Body Composition
  • Updated Computer Workstation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Higher Frequency Generator and Rotating Anode is Important for your C-Arm?
Why Higher Frequency Generator and Rotating Anode is Important for your C-Arm?

15Kw generator and Rotating Anode is very important when scanning larger patients especially in Oblique Scans. Too many C-arm companies are reducing costs of systems by reducing critical features and offering inferior low powered generators with 2.5Kw to 3.5Kw and stationary Anodes – which simply cannot scan properly when working with patients over 190 Pounds.

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