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Face Shields

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Face Shields


This is personal protection equipment which is used to protect the wearer’s face. It
is worn to protect the user from infectious materials and it is also designed for
environments like laboratories or industries where chemical hazards can occur. It is
also used to protect the face from flying objects. Face shields are used to impact
resistance. It’s used to protect the wearer from illnesses and most times it is worn
with a face mask, some face shields come with googles too because the eyes are a
portal for viral entry. Unlike another type of masks, you do not have to remove the
face shield to communicate with other people. Our face shield comes in a pack of
ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND: Our face shield fits just about any head size and ages as it
comes with an adjustable head band for you comfort. This needs a slight washing
off when it gets in contact with dust or dirt.

100% REUSABLE: The face shield is plastic and this makes it easy to use again as all
it needs to be cleaned is a disinfectant spray or cleaning with soap and water.
Complete Medical Services cares about your money-saving and that is why we
made this face shield just for you.

SUPER COMFORTABLE: You would barely know you have a fast shield on when you
get your product from us. The shield covers down to your chin from your ear. There
is no exposed gap and this reduces your chances of getting infected. It is best to
wear the shield with any of our face masks. It is more comfortable to wear than a
face mask and reduces the chances of you touching your face.

Wearing a face shield enhances social distancing and is one of the methods to
prevent the spread and contraction of air-bone diseases.

  • Back of 20 Face Shields only $4.50 each!
  • 8in face shield with an adjustable headband for additional protection.
  • Call for pricing for orders over 1,000.
  • Sold in quantities of 20
  • Brand and packaging are subject to availability
  • 100% REUSABLE
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As low as $ 4.50 / face shield in pack of 20.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 10 in
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