Safety Goggles (20 Pack)

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Safety Goggles (20 Pack)

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Safety Goggles (20 Pack)


You need safety goggles to protect your eyes from harmful contaminants.
Everyone needs safety goggles but mostly for people who come in contact with
chemical splashes of blood or when a face to face contact is unavoidable for a long
time. Eye protection is necessary because it can get infected through droplets. Most
times, we unavoidably touch our eyes, not minding where our hands have been. At
Complete Medical Services, our safety goggles come in a pack of 20.

ANTI-FOG & ADJUSTABLE: We provide you with safety goggles that hardly fog unless
you’re in a place with high humidity. The glasses come with an adjustable band that
makes it easy for you to be comfortable. It had an elastic headband that provides a
comfortable fit. A built-in ventilation channel that helps prevent ventilation.

VISION PROTECTION: Our eye shield is made adjustable so it can accommodate your
prescription glasses. It serves as the primary protection against infection as it can
be worn alone. It also protects your eyes from chemical hazards or splash.

RE-USEABLE EASY TO CLEAN: There are no hidden areas in our safety goggles, which
make it easy to disinfect and clean with a spray and neat towels. The safety goggle
can be reused, and if it damages, it should be replaced with another one. If it
becomes too dirty and difficult for you to see with, you should immediately discard
it or clean with soap and disinfected water.

LONGER WEAR TIME: With our safety goggle, you have no worries about a dent on
your skin after wearing for a long time due to the foam coating on it. You can wear
it on-site or at home with ease and less frustration.
20 Pack of Safety Goggles Anti-Fog, adjustable strap

Call for pricing for orders greater than 1,000.

Sold in Quantities of 20

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As low as $ 8.95 / goggle.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 24 in
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