Remote access is the way of the future (ZEN-7000)

Remote access is the way of the future (ZEN-7000)


3rd generation ZEN-7000 (2017+ models)

Remote access allows our service team to log onto your system remotely to preform many online tasks.

Remote access allows us to perform software updates very quickly and seamlessly to ensure your system is always up to date.  The team can pin point with accuracy if there is a defective part or a simple online adjustment need to be made to have you back up and running.  New technologist, no problem, we can log into your system to make sure they are using the proper setting to ensure the best image quality and so much more.

All ZEN-7000 models come with lifetime software updates, and free phone technical support for the life of the system.

“The Most Advanced C-Arm on the market

Doctors can’t believe how effective remote access is.  We recently did a new install for a doctor, with a ZEN-7000 and the doctor wanted to set the system up a certain way that best suit him.  The doctor called us and we asked him to plug in the ethernet cable and hit the remote access button, which gives us access to the system ID.  We logged on his system and changed the setting to accommodate the doctor’s needs.  The whole process took only 10 min to complete, from the time he called till we programed what he needed.  The doctor could not believe and said this would never happened if he used any other major companies.

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