Spotlighting the Genoray Zen 7000 C-Arm

Spotlighting the Genoray Zen 7000 C-Arm

Spotlighting the Genoray Zen 7000 C-Arm | Doctors finally have a good alternative when choosing a new C-Arm.

In the past, doctors had limited choices for C-Arm equipment, even getting a pre-owned or refurbished system that was 10-15 years old, because a brand new C-Arm was too expensive.


The Zen 7000 by Genoray is a powerful, high quality C-Arm, at one-third to half the price of other major manufacturers.


Complete Medical Services is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor for the Genoray Zen 7000 throughout the U.S., Hawaii, and Alaska.  We have earned this through hardwork and dedication to the product.

Genoray is an established C-Arm manufacturer in South Korea with strong U.S. support based in Orange County, California.  We have been with Genoray from the early stages of launching the Zen 2090 along with the 2011 launch of Zen 7000 for the U.S. market with continued success.

The main reason our partnership has been so successful is their extraordinary manufacturer support.  Such an established framework ultimately helps our customers in a very positive way. From factory-trained engineers, to fully stocked parts and systems, the Genoray America office and our premium facility based in Sterling Heights, MI has all of your C-Arm needs covered.

Genoray Zen 7000 C-Arm

Genoray Zen 7000 C-Arm

Product overview

Standard features include:  

15 KW Generator
100,000 Image Storage
DICOM Standard
USB ports for saving and transferring images
High quality medical grade 19” flat screen monitor
Rotating anode
Zenis software with full size PC
Touch screen control panel
Dual footswitch and hand controls
AKR Dose live display
Lifetime software updates
ABC auto control (120 kV, 7 mA)
Large focus boost (120 kV, 20 mA)
Oversize handle and grip bar on Image Intensifer (ii) and C for easy rotation and movement.
Virtual Iris Collimator
IK x 2 Resolution
Adjustable computerized filter

 Options available:

Vascular package – Digital subtraction, Angiography, and Road Mapping 30 FPS. The more frames per second, the cleaner your image will be. If you have only 8 FPS it will be like watching a choppy movie, while the 30 FPS will be seamless (in the movie industry, 24 frames per second is considered real-time).

12” ii Image Intensifer

Extended Service Programs


Complete Medical Services has been in business for over 19 years, building a reputation of trust and integrity throughout the market place. To further discuss the Zen 7000 C-Arm and get a detailed proposal, please call our office to talk with one of our C-Arm experts.

I look forward to working with you!


From the desk of:

Dave Orlando
Vice President of C-Arm Operations and Sales

Email [email protected]
Mobile 586-883-1031
Office 586-532-1142 ext. 14


Stay tuned for more C-Arm related news updates and blogs.

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