The Value of Good C-Arm Support

The Value of Good C-Arm Support

The wrong time to think about what your warranty covers — or doesn’t cover — is when a problem arises. Head off that sinking feeling of “warranty wondering” by reading up on the following key points about C-Arm support.

C-Arm cost considerations

We’re fixated on researching the best product. From kitchen blenders to cars, we scour every nook and cranny of the internet hoping that one more click provides a definitive answer. Warranties and service contracts, however, are often given far less consideration.

That’s not a good idea. Every hour you spend waiting on C-Arm support requires appointment reschedulings and cancellations over and above those initially impacted by the problem. Multiply that lost daily revenue by however many days the C-Arm is out of commission. That will give you a good idea of the potential hit to your office’s bottom line.

We all understand that being “penny wise” can be “pound foolish.” Practically speaking, though, the realities of our bank accounts factor into the decisions we make in our personal and professional lives. But seeking to save money up front by taking shortcuts with a C-Arm warranty or service contract is Las Vegas-level gambling. Absorbing a slightly higher price on the front end will make your life much easier.

Here’s an example: A client notified us that they were experiencing a problem with their system. Since our warranties include lifetime phone and remote access support, we dialed into the system and had them back up and running in 10 minutes. If our examination had uncovered a bad part, we would have shipped it to the practice overnight and had a repair technician there within 24 hours. Cutting corners won’t get you responsiveness like this.

Your C-Arm Warranty Homework

Will the company you buy or lease your C-Arm from be the same company servicing it? If not, why not? Does your warranty lay out maximum call-back or on-site wait times? If so, what are they? Not sure? Review your signed agreement or contact your C-Arm services provider today.

Good C-Arm service isn’t rocket science

Has anyone ever asked you to explain something to them as if they were five years old? If looking over your C-Arm warranty pushes you to the point that you need a similar adolescent-sized primer, something might be amiss.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 requires warranties to be written in “plain English.” That is, they must be presented in a clear and readily understood fashion. If this factoid tells us anything, it’s this: cryptic and confusing warranties were once so prevalent that we needed Congress to counteract them.

Two terms to be on the lookout for are:

Prorated or limited warranties
With these types of warranties, the manufacturers’ responsibility to you decreases the older the warranty gets. A prorated warranty on a C-Arm will be practically worthless if there’s, say, four months left on it. A C-Arm warranty that is not prorated will retain its value to you for its entire term. If you need to lean on that non-prorated warranty in the first year of your lease or the fifth year, you’re covered.

Warranty exclusions
Some warranties provide either one-year coverage or no coverage at all for the x-ray tube, image intensifier, and cameras, which are the priciest C-Arm components to repair or replace. Aiming higher than a “one-year parts and labor” warranty will almost certainly pay off in the long run.

Despite their proclivity to put readers to sleep, many warranties do a fine job of conveying terms, coverage parameters, and the like. That’s why any warranty that doesn’t make such information clear deserves scrutiny.

Your C-Arm Warranty Homework

Review your warranty with a red pencil in hand. Every time you come across something that isn’t clear, circle it. Then schedule an appointment with your service representative to go over the portions you circled. This is not to suggest you’ve been taken for a ride; it is to suggest that knowing your warranty thoroughly is a good idea.

We know a thing or two about C-Arm warranties

The ZEN-7000 (z7) is touted as the “alternative and affordable” C-Arm. We wanted to provide a warranty that was also alternative — something no one else was doing — and affordable. That’s why Complete Medical Services’ z7 warranty provides 5 years full parts coverage (the first year includes labor). It’s the best warranty of its kind. Coupled with the z7, it offers the sort of peace of mind many C-Arm owners can only dream about.

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