Things to consider for your New Pain Management suite

Things to consider for your New Pain Management suite

  • Shielding Plan of your Pain Management suite submitted to the State by your physicist
  • checklist-41335_960_720Registering the system to the State filling out the 2579 Form
  • Lead inspection
  • Based on State Regulations you might have to lead the walls, door and in some cases the ceiling and floor depending on if you have people below or above you and what is the makeup of the materials used in between.
  • Making sure the room is big enough to accommodate the C-Arm, Table and other equipment used during the procedures. Minimum room should be no less than 10 x 10 and the bigger the better.
  • Choosing the right C-Arm to meet your needs based on your budget, volume and your long terms goals. If you do decide to go with Refurbished versus new really need to evaluate the Refurbish process, complete warranty coverage to make sure all parts including Glass is covered and the warranty when buying a system should be no less than 1 year 100% parts and labor. Make sure onsite Applications Training is included.
  • Really evaluate the differences between New and Refurbished. For instance in ball park numbers, you can lease an OEC 9600 for around $850 mth versus a new system for around $1,655 mth. What is your long term plan? If budget is everything and you’re trying to build the practice and you just want something to get started with the plans on upgrading within 5 years then and OEC 9600 might be the right fit. If you want State of the art technology, 10 Year plan, Superior Image quality then maybe a new system like the Zen 7000 might be a better fit. Also keep in mind a 9600 was MFG from 1994 to 1999. Our company only deals with 1996 and Newer because it has new steering and newer more relevant boards that are much easier to get. Anytime you can go with New is always the best option.
  • Lead Time that you want to get up and running new Pain Management suite? There is a lot to do and you want to make sure that everything can be delivered based on when you want to open. Typical lead times on C-Arms is around 4-6 weeks so make sure to plan ahead.
  • Determine if leasing is the right option for your Pain Management suite. Make sure the lease is a lease to own and not a Fair Market lease. If it’s a Fair market lease you don’t own the system and you won’t be able to right the system off according to IRS rule 179. It needs to be at least a $1 buyout lease. Always check the interest rate and if there is a penalty to pay it off early. A 0 down, 90 day differed lease helps get the equipment in and revenue going before making the first payment. The actual lease does not show up on your personal credit as a loan which will not affect your ability to borrow from the bank if need be.
  • streamline-trendelenburgWhat type of imaging table will you need? Dual post table versus diving board table. What movements do you require – Up and down, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral tilt and Head to toe.
  • What type of procedures are you doing in your Pain Management suite and who are your partners? For instance if you’re doing RF Ablation procedures it’s very important to partner up with a company that can help get you up and running. Work with a company that specialize in what they do and can offer you endless amount of resources.
  • Other equipment that you may need like Autoclave, Patient Monitors, AED, Crash carts ect….

At Complete Medical Services we are passionate about what we do! We are experts in the C-Arm business and will always go above and beyond to assure our customers happiness! We have been in business for 20 years and have a great reputation in the industry. We take the consultant approach with our customers to make sure there getting the best product and services to fit their specific needs.

We look forward to earning your business!

From the desk of:
David Orlando
Vice President of C-Arm Division

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