Top C-Arm Manufacturers for 2019

Top C-Arm Manufacturers for 2019


Experts anticipate several factors to continue pushing the C-Arm market toward greater growth. Among them:

  • A competitive, albeit fragmented, landscape featuring several well-regarded brands
  • Advantages imaging arms have over more traditional — and invasive — techniques and the accompanying complications of those procedures
  • The advancing ages of the U.S. population and the increased surgical needs that will result (i.e., orthopedic)

The biggest reason, though: the appeal that C-Arms hold for physicians given their ability to improve patient care with a level of precision that, combined with ever-progressing non-invasive treatments, was previously unimaginable.

If you’re looking for a new C-Arm or C-Arm manufacturer, you’ll likely consider one of the following.

Top C-Arm Manufacturers

The Oscar 15 in the latest model from Genoray. The manufacturer adopted a “go big or go home” philosophy with image quality, delivering a model that matches or surpasses many of its contemporaries. The Oscar 15 checks a lot of boxes for practices providing care that includes medical procedures, pain management, or regenerative medicine.

The GE OEC 9900 EliteOne of the most popular C-Arms in the market (north of 35,000 in use), produced by one of the most-lauded manufacturers in the industry, automatically qualifies GE’s products for any practice’s shortlist. The company touts its image quality, dose management, and ease of use.

Philips’ BV Pulsera offers efficient X-ray resources and heat management, features that help ensure interruption-free imaging during long surgical interventions. Thanks to rotating anode technology and an automatic high penetration mode, users are able to see through what it describes as “technically challenging” patients and dense anatomy.

Ziehm promotes its Vision RFD 3D as a crucial part of helping practices meet challenging budget requirements by balancing cost efficiency with improved patient care, shorter hospital stays, and less-invasive approaches. Ziehm’s decade’s worth of experience in 3D imaging means users can expect it to deliver on low-dose image quality whatever the medical need.

Siemens’ Arcadis Orbic 3D/Orbic features a counterbalanced, isocentric C-Arm design to help with fast and precise positioning. Its 190° orbital rotation contributes with its virtually unlimited projection possibilities. Its trolley is ergonomic, lightweight, and compact, and rotates 180°.

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These and other C-Arms can all deliver on many different facets of medical care. It’s the differences between them, however, that can make the most significant difference to your practice.

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