What the Oscar 15 Means for Your Practice

What the Oscar 15 Means for Your Practice

The Oscar 15 from Genoray is yet another powerful declaration from the manufacturer that it’s going to continue pushing the envelope within the imaging industry by offering the medical community leading technology at a competitive price.

But while that’s good to know at a broader level, what does the new Oscar 15 mean for you and your practice? Let’s take a look at three things it means.

1. Great Features
The feature set of the Oscar 15 is so robust it makes Apple’s latest iPhone envious. It offers a 260 x 260 mm full flat-panel detector with a maximum FOV distance of 14”, improved orbital rotation to the 10.5” swivel color touch screen tech monitor, and larger depth of arc. In addition, it also offers advanced full digital real-time image processing. It’s clear that Genoray — the fifth-largest C-Arm manufacturer in the world — is not content to trail pricier rivals in the medical imaging specs that matter. And if you’re into benefits such as lifetime storage (5 million images), lifetime phone/remote support, and lifetime software updates, the Oscar 15 is the deal of a lifetime.

What This Means for Your Practice: Adding a new Oscar 15 C-Arm to your practice means gearing up for a great many years of powerful imaging capabilities — practical usefulness that can help improve and even save lives.

2. A Strong Supporting Cast
Focus on your patients, focus on your practice, focus on growing your revenue — just don’t worry about focusing on your C-Arm. It’s possible thanks to the Oscar 15’s remarkable five-year warranty. As we’ve shared before, the right warranty can go a long way toward making or breaking your office operations.

The warranty isn’t the only sort of support you’ll receive with an Oscar 15 C-Arm. You’ll also be able to rely upon remote diagnostics and troubleshooting. And rounding out your Oscar 15 supporting cast are the experts at Complete Medical Services.

What This Means for Your Practice: You and your staff have better things to do than fret over a problematic C-Arm. Genoray’s reliability and the Oscar 15’s feature set mean you’ll be able to concentrate on other, more productive matters.

3. Regenerative Medicine Relevance
In just five years, the regenerative medicine industry looks to be taking in more than $26 billion annually. Globally, immense efforts are underway to realize the fullest potential of stem cell and other therapies. All indications are that we’re on the cusp of banishing disease, pain, and transplantable donor organ problems.

While the field is not there yet, it is at a point in time when an increasing number of doctors and patients explore what stem cell therapy, for example, can offer them. Imaging support such as that offered by C-Arms is critical for the injections that comprise a large part of the stem cell therapy treatment process.

What This Means for Your Practice: Image quality for the Oscar 15 is extraordinary. And that means greater precision for physicians treating patients with the potentially world-changing promise of regenerative therapy.

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