ZEN-7000 C-Arm Top 5 Questions you should ask before you buy

ZEN-7000 C-Arm Top 5 Questions you should ask before you buy

ZEN-7000 C-Arm

Top 5 Questions you should ask before you buy


ZEN-7000 Performance Surgical C-Arm [a.k.a ‘Z 7‘] is one of the brand new C-Arms sold by Complete Medical Services, and one of the main C-Arm lines I specialize in. I’ve walked many clients through the purchasing process and over the past five years selling Z7, I’ve been able to narrow down the questions that every buyer wants answered before purchasing.

In this article, I’ll answer the top 5 things you’re probably already asking and reveal the ZEN-7000 C-Arm Top 5 Questions you should ask before you purchase.

Typically, customers usually ask

1. Where is the unit made?

I suppose this is an expected question. When you see something new, it could be important for you to know where it’s made. ZEN-7000 C-Arms are made in Korea by a company called Genoray.

2. Why is this unit cheaper than OEC?

This is like asking why is the Camry cheaper than a BMW 3 series? BMW may have a few other perks or bit of a performance edge compared to Camry but after certain point, we all know it’s the branding of the product that makes up its premium. It’s the same for OEC. OEC is the world’s best-selling C-Arm and because they are very popular, their price will always be higher. Z7’s on the other hand are more affordable and reasonably priced.

3. Do you have doctors using this unit?

This is an important question and a good one. Checking and making sure there are references for anything you buy is important. One thing to remember is that some of these doctors may not have the same version of the unit you are being introduced to as ZEN C-Arms continuously upgrade.

4. Is this made by Zhiem?

We understand that you can mix up the names and that’s OK. And, no, Zhiem does not make ZEN-7000. These are made by a company called Genoray.

5. Why should I buy something that’s not OEC?

This is one of the common concerns of C-Arm buyers. But if you’re talking about ZEN-7000, that means you’re not looking to buy a brand new OEC 9900 for one reason or the other.

The fact of the matter is, for the price of one OEC 9900, you can almost purchase two Z7’s. And it will do about the same function as a shiny new OEC 9900 would do. I’m sure it’s nice to have Benz in your garage but do you need one in your office as well? Where people would never notice whether you have a Benz or Sonata in your OR? Especially when it does the same thing you need for the procedures?

The best questions you should be asking (instead…)

1. Who handles sales and service of ZEN-7000 in U.S?

In medical devices, sales and service support is more critical than where the factory is located. And many times, you’ll notice that companies will try to hide the fact that they don’t really have support of the manufacturer in the territory.

Remember, having a distributor in the U.S. doesn’t always mean that they have a support team from manufacturer in US. ZEN-7000 is sold by Complete Medical Services (CMS) and supported by both CMS and Genoray. And their U.S. service teams are located in Michigan and California.

2. Can you tell me about the value of this unit compare to OEC?

I’m assuming you want a good value when asking questions about the price. Let’s get right to it. ZEN-7000 offers unbeatable value. It comes with most features that OEC 9900 comes with, like flat panel LCD monitor and touch screen control panel, at A cost that’s comparable with a refurbished OEC 9800. (which does not come with any of those modern features).

3. How do you support this unit?

Support on a medical device is very important since loss of operation days can directly impact your business. ZEN-7000 units are supported by both Genoray and Complete Medical Services but it’s also important to carefully review what your contract says because your dealer has the right to choose to support you directly. If this is the case, make sure your dealer has either nationwide capacity or someone stationed near you.

4. What is the Life Expectancy of this unit?

Most C-Arms when first built have a life span of 7~15 years based on use and maintenance. A well maintained ZEN-7000 unit should last you at least 10 years. If you’re debating between ZEN-7000 and refurbished OEC, do remember that OEC units already went through 5+ years of service. So you’re purchasing a unit that’s half way into its life span. You could get 10 years out of a refurbished unit, if it’s refurbished well, but you can expect a little more trouble and heavier maintenance down the line.

5. How does a Service Contract work and do I need one?

Good life span and a well-functioning C-Arm are dependent upon good maintenance. Just like you can’t expect your car to run forever without any routine services like oil changes and tire rotations, C-Arms require similar routine maintenance.

A good service contract should include all parts including glass (tube and I.I.) and labor at your site. It should also include time-frame on response time along with minimum routine visits for calibration and maintenance. Most states require your C-Arm unit to be calibrated and inspected every two years.

Do you need a service contract? Contact me for details.

There you have it. The 5 top questions people ask about the ZEN-7000 C-Arm and the Top 5 Questions you should ask before you buy. These questions are truly questions that should be asked when purchasing any C-Arm.

Jae Perez-Kim

C-Arm Specialist


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