ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: 30FPS Cine Recording

ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: 30FPS Cine Recording


3rd Generation ZEN-7000 (2017 models) comes with a lot of new features that are unique and what makes ZEN-7000 the Most Valued System in the market.

30FPS Cine recording anyone?

This feature is not NEW to 2017 model, rather we had this from the 1st generation of ZEN-7000 as a default feature.  But we’ve been getting more and more questions from doctors who wants ability to do cine recording at 30FPS.

Cine Recording used to only come with Vascular system and you can commonly find 15FPS & 30FPS cine feature popular models.  ZEN-7000 always had 30FPS cine recording by default which can deliver much sharper video as shown in example below.  We have seen customers using Cine function to record various different procedures and as well as use it to create presentation using digital export function which can export Cine videos in AVI format.

 This is just another example of how ZEN-7000 stays up to date with technology you need & deserve!

This is not X-ray images but it gives you an idea of quality based on different FPS

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