ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: LIFETIME 2TB Image Storage

ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: LIFETIME 2TB Image Storage


3rd Generation ZEN-7000 (2017 models) comes with a lot of new features that are unique and what makes ZEN-7000 the Most Valued System in the market.

LIFETIME, 2TB Image Storage = 4-5 Million Images

Image storage & Archive is a crucial part of any imaging system.  But for many C-Arms, weirdly, image storage capacity is something that never really grew with advancement of technology.  Even New OEC 9900 only has 1,000 image storage on their ESP model.  So z7 decided to defy the trend of Tiny Image Storage!

We figured when your basic laptop nowadays come with 1TB~2TB HDD, why shouldn’t your C-Arm?

All NEW 3rd generation ZEN-7000 now comes with 2TB dedicated archive storage.  2TB is a real storage and it’s whole another animal if you’re used to dealing with a few hundred or a few thousand max capacity.  Assuming each images are roughly 400~500KB, 2TB will hold roughly 4,000,000 ~ 5,000,000 Images!


Instead of trying to say 4~ MILLION image storage, we now simply call this: ‘Lifetime Storage’.  Because I’d be VERY surprised if any one facility fill up the 2TB storage with images.

This is just another example of how ZEN-7000 stays up to date with technology you need & deserve!

Completely unrelated picture of floppy disks… for fun…

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