ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: LIFETIME Phone Support

ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: LIFETIME Phone Support


3rd Generation ZEN-7000 (2017 models) comes with a lot of new features that are unique and what makes ZEN-7000 the Most Valued System in the market.

Who needs LIFETIME phone support?

Every ZEN C-Arm comes with LIFETIME phone support.  This means next time you’re wondering what ‘that button you never touched because you were not sure’ does… or just need a quick refresher on how to manage ‘DNR filter’… you can call us without having to worry about whether we’ll try to charge you for the phone support.  In need of a copy of manual?  Is your C-Arm acting a bit unusual?  We can help!

Genoray customer support 1-855-GENORAY
Complete Medical Services customer support: 1.888.304.7859

So next time you have a question about your ZEN C-Arm, wonder if we can help you get better images or just want to make sure you’re doing everything right, we’ll be here to help.

This is just another example of how ZEN-7000 stays up to date with technology you need & deserve!

lifetime phone support

We’re happy to help you as long as you own the system!

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