ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: SSD Drive

ZEN-7000 Feature Highlight: SSD Drive


3rd Generation ZEN-7000 (2017 models) comes with a lot of new features that are unique and what makes ZEN-7000 the Most Valued System in the market.

SSD Drive

SSD drive is not uncommon nowadays especially on high-end laptops of many equipment that require better stability & performance.  Compare to traditional hard drive, SSD hard drive offers faster performance, better stability, and it last longer.
(more info on HDD vs SSD: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001396.htm)

By switching to SSD drive, ZEN-7000 can now boot up in about 30 seconds, essentially making the system ready to go when you are ready.

This is just another example of how ZEN-7000 stays up to date with technology you need & deserve!

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