C-Arm Comparison: Zen 7000 vs. GE OEC 9900 Elite

C-Arm Comparison: Zen 7000 vs. GE OEC 9900 Elite

Both the Zen 7000 from Genoray and the 9900 Elite from GE offer users remarkable utility with a foundation of technology whose capabilities border on science fiction.

What does a comparison between the two show us that might help a medical practice decide between them? Let’s break it down …

Similarities, Pt. 1

Genoray’s Zen 7000 and GE’s 9900 Elite deliver identical, or very similar, features on a number of fronts, including:

  • X-ray tube anode power rating: 15 kW each
  • X-ray generator: Both rotate, offer pulsed fluoroscopy, and, like the X-ray tube anode, have a power rating of 15kW
  • Image intensifier resolutions of 1K x 1K

Similarities, Pt. 2

Both the Zen 7000 and GE 9900 Elite are great choices for pain management physicians and facilities. Learn more here.

Differences, Pt. 1

Though close, measurements related to the design and movement of the C-Arm elements themselves help differentiate the 9900 Elite (whose data is listed first, below) from the Zen 7000:

  • Free space, cm (in.): 79 cm (31.2 in.) vs. 78.59 cm (31 in.)
  • Depth, cm (in.): 84 cm (33 in.) super; 72 cm (28 in.) standard vs. 72 (28.35)
  • Horizontal Travel, cm (in.) 20 cm (8 in.) vs. 19.99 (7.87)
  • Vertical Travel, cm (in.): 46 cm (18 in.) vs. 50 (19.69)

Differences, Pt. 2

Given the rapid rate of technological development today, it isn’t possible to fully “future-proof” any device sold today. That said, the Zen 7000 comes close. It offers software updates, phone and remote support (including diagnostics and troubleshooting), and image storage for the life of the device.

Add a warranty that covers a full half-decade (5 years) parts and 1-year labor and the Zen 7000 might as well add “peace of mind” to its features list, alongside a virtual collimator that allows for a field of view selection and dynamic noise reduction.

GE’s 1-year warranty can’t match that, but the machine has other advantages, such as its popularity and the aforementioned design and movement differences.

Matchups and More

Selecting the ideal C-Arm for your practice can seem overwhelming at first. To make the decision easier, Complete Medical Services offers an overview of today’s leading C-Arms, together with periodic head-to-head matchups like this one.

And when you’re ready for your next C-Arm, we’ll be here for you. Simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help you introduce a great C-Arm to your practice.

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